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Hi there! My name's Minus. My friend Plus and I are going on a date. Wanna come? We love to solve puzzles together with our cool magnet powers.

Picture of Plus. Plus is so cool! She's pretty and smart, and she can do anything she sets her mind to. Honestly, I want to be more like her. Plus's powers let her pull me toward her. That way she can bring me along wherever she goes. It's like the world gravitates around her!

Picture of Minus. Unlike Plus, I'm kind of uninteresting. I prefer to avoid others and don't have a lot of self confidence. I'm glad to have Plus around, to help boost my confidence a little. My powers let me bounce Plus away from me. It's kind of a melancholy power...but with Plus here, at least it can help out.

If you would, please help us out! Getting back home is the tricky part, and the puzzles are hard to solve sometimes. You'll be controlling us both, so keep us safe!

This game was made for Weekly Game Jam 134. The theme for this game jam is "magnet". A controller is highly recommended for this game.

Settings keys: (B) Window size, (N) Toggle sounds, (M) Toggle music

Robin - designer, developer, artist, sound mixing
Dunc - music
+w+ - ???????

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorStudio Nevermore
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
TagsNon violent, Pixel Art, Short


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Nice Game! Found the secret too. It took me a bit to get used to the mechanics but I didn't have too much trouble once I got the hang of it.

thank you very much! it was very fun figuring out unique gameplay for this idea :3

Lovely game. Puzzle design and music were done well. I love the clean art style and the SNES-vibes from the sprites. Very, very cool take on the magnet theme!

Hopefully constructive feedback:

One of the puzzles I found a bit frustrating, the one with a platform in the middle and a switch at the top of the screen, with a minus block on the floor and a gap we had to get across ahead with a skinny platform in the middle. I eventually cleared that one after some trial and error in what felt like a ... sort of random way. All the other puzzles I felt were great (if not apparent after some inspection, solvable with some trial and error).

Even with a controller I found myself moving the wrong character at times. I honestly don't know how to help with this, and there was definitely a point where moving both characters felt more natural, so this may have just been the learning curve. A positive note is that it was fun enough to stick through the intial awkwardness of that. Maybe when one character is being moved and the other stationary, the moving character is highlighted? Again I'm not really sure how I would tackle that.

Again, love the concepts, art, music - really everything about it. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks so much for the feedback!


Adorable~ <3